Battle Buddies Inland Empire

 So to all of you folks out there that support and care for Battle Buddies and to those of you that have questions about what has happened to our precious pups, please ask if I haven't posted up dates on your favorites. And if you hear of people accusing us of " dog slinging" please direct them to me and I will happily share information on ALL of the dogs we have pulled and placed into wonderful forever homes. Please don't slande the Battle Buddies Inland Empire name if you have no facts to back it up! I will be happy to stand behind ANY adoption or rescue that you have questions about. Your remarks only serve to tear down good rescues that are trying to save dogs. Oh and PLEASE share stories and pictures of all of the dogs YOU have rescued. Below are Aspen, Freddie and Shaq as well as a very special little Chi living in Ogden Utah. There are many more. Just ask, don't criticize.
Penny, Tobin and Reba at It's a dogs world training facility